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Mission & History.
Hi! I'm Brett Garrett, the was the "Garrett" in Garrett & Associates, but in May 2010 I transfered the Business to my wife, Mike (pronounced Meeka).  Mike is supported by the same group of the "Best of the Best" that has always supported me. In other words for G&A it is 'Business as usual".

Drop mike a email if she can be of any service or just to say "hello".
email me

Mike Garrett
12889 Davos Drive, Truckee CA, 96161
Cell Phone (1) 530-386-0136(best method for emergency)
USA Home/Office Phone (1) 530-587-3783
Voice/Fax forwarding (1) 425-963-5761
Over the past 20-30 years I have had the honor of working with the "Best of the Best" in the electrical testing industry. These men and women have proven time and again that keeping the clients best interest in focus is the ONLY way to really achieve true "customer service".

The Mission of Garrett & Associates is to become an integral part of our clients electrical team by providing technical services and specialized assistance.

Garrett & Associates is a small group of specialists formed via association on projects over the past 20+ years.  Day to Day consulting, predictive maintenance testing, procedure writing, audits, and training is performed out of the Truckee (Reno) office by myself and a select local group. 
Large start-up projects are completed by calling together the "Associates", from around the country and world, most of which own or manage their own consulting/testing/engineering businesses.  The same is true for short projects out of the region/country.

The goal is always to provide the clients with service he/she can trust, be it a one day infrared, week long training class, partial discharge testing on a large generator, or performing start up testing on a co-generation facility.

Garrett & Associates (G&A)
"Power Generation, On-Line, On-Time"
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