Garrett & Associates (G&A)
"Power Generation, On-Line, On-Time"
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Generation,  On-Line, On-Time!
Our record speaks for it's self.  For over 30 years we have kept the promise of on time completion!
On-Time generation projects have included Hydro, Geothermal, Wind, Combined cycle, Methane, and Woodchip!
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Project Management
Completion of projects on-time is a direct result of proper project management.  The same management techniques are used in maintenance and testing programs. 
Garrett & Associates manage the final and most critical phases of  testing and start-up.
We provide customized and hands on training at your facility or at the location of your choice including but is not limited to:
-Safety     -Maintenance     -Electrical testing
-Project Management     -Operations
Procedures and Specifications.
Garrett & Associates can assist before and after start-up.
Before - with specification review and third party factory/acceptance testing.
After - with the formulation for operating and maintenance procedures.
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24hr Remote Assistance.
Garrett & Associates is dedicated to providing you, our client, with 24 hour a day service no matter where the location.
By using remote access installed in your system we can assist your maintenance people through troubleshooting and repairs without costly time delays.
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Why a Wolf?
A Wolf runs in a pack with it own kind!
A Wolf is fiercely loyal!
A Wolf is tenacious and will almost never quit!
A Wolf pack plans its attack and works together to achieve a common goal!
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Mike Garrett
12889 Davos Drive, Truckee CA, 96161
Cell Phone (1) 530-386-0136 (best method for emergency)
USA Home/Office Phone (1) 530-587-3783
Voice/Fax forwarding (1) 425-963-5761

Remote assistance
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Predictive Maintenance Testing
G&A provides Predictive Maintenance Testing services including but not limited to Infrared (IR), Partial Discharge (PD), and Ultrasonic evaluation of Electrical equipment.
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